Advice, Care & Investment Solutions

Aged Care Specialists (ACS) provides advice and investment solutions for all aged and disabled residents, whether in their own home or in care. The Aged Care Specialist Adviser™ (ACSA) program trains accountants, lawyers and financial advisers in current advice and investment solutions for both the residents and facility stakeholders.

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Aged & Disabled Resident Solutions

Covering Non home owners; Home owners; ILU residents and Residents in care. We ensure that you (or a family member going into care) have access to specialist financial advice to ensure optimized benefits, maximized income and minimized tax.


Financial Adviser Solutions

An ACSA™ is trained to provide best practice advice solutions to all residents and all facility types. They have a range of tools and investment solutions to deliver an ongoing premium solution for all stakeholders – including updates, support and marketing assistance.


Facility Owners Solutions

Our ACSA™ advisers will assist your team with RAD, bond and investment management growth as well as advising on cash flow, financial planning, retention management, compliance and audit matters.


PI & Disability Solutions

A range of tailored advice solutions ensures you meet income needs, lower your tax, maintain and grow wealth, manage risk, implement estate planning and optimise Centrelink benefits and lower fees. There are secure low fee investment solutions also available for these clients.